My first ever blog post!

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Howdy! Welcome to my first blog post!! Its quite exciting for me! So a little bit of background if you didn’t already see the home page and about page… I read a lot of books. As much as I love the feeling of having a book in my hand, I read a lot on my kindle (can’t afford to buy paper backs with the rate I go through them… Sigh). I mainly read paranormal books, so most of the time they will be young adult, although the odd new adult book may sneak up you.

Since I drive all of my friends crazy with how they must read this book and that book, because they have changed me I am hoping this will be a way for my to connect to other bookworms, share the books I love and hopefully get to read some books I would never have come across! Hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I love reading and reviewing the books! Please comment and let me know how to improve!

Adios, amigos!


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