The Revelation Series, by Randi Cooley Wilson

Okay, so for my first (non-spoiler) review I decided to tackle a whole series. Mainly because this series is amazing. And the covers are amazing. And the characters are amazing. And the author is amazing. Basically, I cannot say how much I love this series.

Hmm… Where to begin?

If you love a predictable paranormal romance, with some action and a smidge forbidden love,  and a dusting of unsubstantial characters that are merely words on a page, then why are you even reading this post?

And now forget about all of that, because Randi Wilson manages to take the predictable story lines and completely turn them on their head. Revelation is definitely the correct name because there are so many. You think you know where it is heading and then the rug gets pulled from underneath you, and everything changes. Wilson keeps it dynamic and fast paced, but cleverly intersperses it with comedy. And hot guys. So so so many hot guys. (Seriously, Randi Wilson has one hell of an imagination).

So this series follows Eve, who has just gone off to college in the hopes of finding herself. And find herself she does. I am all for a strong female lead, and Eve can definitely take the crown. She undergoes some series upheavals and whole lot of heartbreak and betrayal but her character progression is so perfect, and you can really see her grow up through the books.

In standard fashion for these types of books, she is seemingly normal until her world is turned inside out and she meets Asher St Michael. Oh, Asher, Asher, Asher. If you do not fall in love with him, then you’re insane. Seriously. He is a complete heartthrob and has sexy arrogance down to a T. But despite being cocky, he is also loyal and noble and will protect his family with his life.

Despite the heat and passion of the two lead characters, Wilson manages to keep the books grounded and prevents them from becoming too focused on this by having a whole lot of action and whole lot of comedy. This mainly comes in the form of the St Michael family, and they manage to keep a lot of the drama from making the books too dark, yet still not detracting at all from the main focus of the series. It is a serious, heartpounding page turner. Everything about this series is new and fresh and, to my knowledge, it is nothing like any other paranormal series out there.

I really hope that I have convinced you to read this series, because you will really not regret it!


(P.S. this is more of a new adult book, so I would say it is only for readers 16 and above due to adult themes)


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