Paper Princess by Erin Watt.

Hello again! Today, I have decided to review Paper Princess by Erin Watt (the next book, Broken Prince, will also be up tonight)! This has been on my TBR list for sooo long. I am not entirely sure why I didn’t read it sooner to be honest. I had heard such good things about this book, and I felt a little apprehensive because I wasn’t sure it would live up to the hype, but it actually went beyond the hype. I could not put this down.

It’s about seventeen-year-old Ella, who is alone in the world. She is down on her luck and is stripping to get by so that eventually she can lead a normal life. That is until she gets plucked from her life of squalor and thrust into an insane new world of wealth, prep schools, mansions and The Royals. Callum Royal takes a guardian role over Ella, much to the disapproval of his 5 sons, who all hate Ella. She needs to try to get to grips with this new world, without losing a grip on herself.

I would say that its bit like Gossip Girl, but without the faceless keyboard warrior, but also 90210, with a bit of Revenge thrown into the mix. There is a lot of high school drama, but there is also adult drama too, and it cleverly interlaces the 2, with rich kids trying to live like adults, strolling around like nothing can touch them. I love the fact that Ella is thrown in at the deep end with these spoiled, rich boys who hate her, and yet they are all equally alluring, and mysterious. Instantly, you just want to figure out everyone’s story, because they all have so many secrets, but they all seem to drag you in. There isn’t one character that doesn’t pull you in. Ella ends up finding herself drawn to the second oldest Royal, Reed. Obviously, he’s drop dead gorgeous and would do anything for his family, but he has as many secrets as everyone else, if not more. Seeing it all through Ella’s perspective is refreshing and she manages to be a strong female lead (love a good female lead) even though she is completely out of her depth.

I read this in just a few hours and went straight on to Broken Prince, because it leaves on such a cliff hanger that I couldn’t even wait a minute, and I tore through that book, too. It’s a Cinderella, rags to riches, type of story but there are so many other different sub plots running through the book, yet it is never hard to follow, there’s is no jumping around and it all fits together. It is a serious page-turner and I cannot believe I have to wait until October 17th until the last book in the series. These Royals will sure as hell ruin you, just as they have me!


I have put this as a young adult book, but it does get a little racy at times!


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